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Santa’s Naughty Girl Zipset

Instead of getting a load of coal this year for Christmas, Santa decided Sweet Krissy deserved a big load of his own cum! In this zipset, Krissy is all dressed up as a naughty little slut for Santa who want’s to punish her for her evil ways. To start off this zipset video, Krissy bends over Santa’s lap and receives plenty of hard spankings. She then shows off her oral skills on his candy cane and then gets bent over again as Santa slides a dildo in and out of her pussy. It doesn’t take long before Santa decides he wants to get deep inside of her with his cock! When he finishes giving her the dick, he blows his load all over her pussy. Krissy even reaches back with her fingers to sample his cum with her tongue! This is Sweet Krissy’s best & hottest zipsets to date! You can download this video in 1280×720 for only $24.95. The best part of buying this zipset is you get to select an additional zipset for free! To take part in this offer simply click here.





Your Caitlynn Sextape Zipset

Your Caitlynn’s Sextape Zipset is finally here! It contains 2 sextape videos, a picture set, and a bonus blowjob video! The first sextape video is 11:48 mins long and the second is 9:43 minutes and both are in 1280×720 resolution! Be sure to get the videos and see for youself how this hottie loves to suck and fuck in tons of different positions. I have also uploaded you guys a Sextape Video preview.

Your Caitlynn Sextape Zipset Preview Your Caitlynn Sextape Zipset Preview
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Cassie Leanne Sex Video #2 Zipset

Well after checking out both of Cassie’s Sex Videos, i think i like #2 a little bit more! It’s a tad bit more amateur, but shows off Cassie in all her favorite postions. This sex tape video is a whopping 13 minutes long and well worth check out. Unfortunately I do not have any video previews for it at the moment, but stay tuned I’ll add some soon!
Cassie Leanne Sex Video #2 Screencap #1 Cassie Leanne Sex Video #2 Screencap #2
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Cassie Leanne Sex Video #1 Zipset

Cassie recently did her first sex video zipset and I have got two free previews below! The video starts out with Cassie showing off her oral skills, then she hops into the missionary position, and then doggy style! I don’t think I’m alone is saying I would love to hit Cassie from the rear! The video ends with her boy blowing a load all over her adorable face! You dont want to miss this one!
Cassie Leanne Sex Video Screencap #1 Cassie Leanne Sex Video Screencap #2
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