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Hailey’s Hideaway Golden Rose Glass Dildo Zipset

Hailey’s Hideaway has just released her second zipset and it puts the first one to shame! This zipset contains 106 high resolution images (1600×1033 or so) as well as a 10 minute long HD video that is 1280×720 in resolution. The video is a whopping 384 MB when downloaded.

The pictures show Hailey stripping out of her colorful bikini next to the window and you can clearly make out just how wet she is. There is some nice white pussy juice just leaking out all over her pussy lips. She then grabs a large glass dildo that is shaped like a rose on the end and sticks it right on into her wet snatch.

The video, which is super high quality, starts off with Hailey completely naked, laying on her back. She immediately goes to work pushing that glass dildo in and out of her tight wet pussy. You can immediately tell that she is just dripping wet as you can hear it as she works the dildo in and out! The video is full of closeup shots so you can clearly make out her pussy juice leaking out and hear her wetness! The video also includes a rather nice orgasm at the end. This zipset is only available in her members area, so you will have to signup to her site if you want to buy it. Lucky for you guys I have a $5 off coupon available for her site. So if you aren’t a member, click here to signup and save $5. If you are a member, click here to login and buy the zipset!

And now, on to some samples from the zipset:

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